Final Standings 2011

Here are the final standings for the Gamesaid Tipping Competition 2011:

107 – Andy Payne
89 – James Jenkins
88 – David Walker
87 – Lee Schofield
78 – Paul Mitchell
68 – Charlie Saunders
67 – Steve Key
66 – Tracey Rigg
65 – Keira Dempsey
61 – Dave Noble
57 – Sam Collins
57 – Doron Garfunkel
57 – Nick Streeter
56 – Janie Dromgoole
55 – Richard Knox 1
54 – Paul Millar
52 – Simon Miles
51 – David Knox
50 – Kirsty Payne
49 – Joe Edwards
45 – Kelly Sumner
39 – Sarah Seaby
24 – Richard Knox 2
20 – Sean Dromgoole

So, as suspected Andy used his final day horses to overtake James Jenkins at the top to secure the inaugural Cheltenham Festival Tipping Competition. Long Run winning the Gold Cup and Kauto Star coming third gave Andy 18 points – plus Court in Motion scoring 5 more points also secured the title, despite also having two horses fail to complete the course in Friday!! He was the only person to have both banker horses win (Quevega and Big Buck’s) so congratulations to go out to Mr. Payne.

Sam Winner staying on late to get fourth place in the Triumph Hurdle was enough to see David Walker take third place, a single point ahead of Lee Schofield who had Long Run in his list. James Jenkins, who was leading into the final day was held on for a gallant second place despite having no runners on Friday.

Thank you all for entering – we raised a total of £250 for Gamesaid and discovered that tipping horses isn’t as easy as it seems!

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