Final Standings 2012

Final Standings:

Apologies for the slow update for this, but here are the final standings for the 2012 Cheltenham Tipping Comp:

1st: Dave Noble – £687 profit
2nd: David Walker – £350 profit
3rd: Kirsty Payne – £45.71 profit
4th: David Knox – £32.14 profit
5th: Jon Tibble – £4.76 profit
6th: Andy Payne – £2.65 profit
7th: David Miller – Even Money

Those that finished with a loss are:
Jamie Firth – £21.25 loss
Olly McGowan – £34.37 loss
Tracey – £41.67 loss
James Kick – £45.00 loss
Caroline Miller – £62.50 loss
Alex Cook – £65.45 loss
Steve Key – £71.25 loss
Kirsteen Sumner – £100.00 loss
Janie Dromgoole – £100.00 loss
Kelly Sumner – £100.00 loss
Sean Dromgoole – £100.00 loss

Congratulations go to Dave who put his entire bank on a £50 each way bet on Rock on Ruby in the Champion Hurdle, who duly won at 11/1. Second place was another David, this time Walker, who has his entire pot on a £100 win on Riverside Theatre in the Ryanair Chase on Thursday. The horse duly won in the last 50 yards, meaning that the 7/2 winning price returned a handsome profit and won David the runner up prize courtesy of 505 Games and the RFU.

Perhaps we should handicap all future entrants called Dave or David as two more in Knox and Miller respectively finished with either a profit or broke even. Considering only seven of the entrants managed to not lose money, to have four Davids in this list is raising the possibility of a stewards enquiry.

Thanks again to all who entered, prizes will be sent out shortly.

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